Why Super Start?

Give yourself financial independence by joining a growing industry that has enjoyed revenue increases of 210% over the past five years. With increasing numbers of working mothers, single parent households, and widespread recognition that early learning contributes to lifelong success, the demand for quality child care and early education continues to rise. That’s why Entrepreneur Magazine recently named child care franchises the top industry to watch.


1.8 Billion

Expected industry growth over the next five years


28 Million

Number of children under 6 in the U.S.

Do not invest money into the facility until all structural requirements and regulations have been approved by the county. Schedule all facility inspections. Contact the county’s local fire inspector and schedule an environmental health inspection with the local health department. Upon approval, your preschool will be subject to periodic inspections.

Contact help contact your local child care licensing office. Complete the licensure survey form found on the Florida Department of Children and Families website (dcf.state.fl.us), take it to the local licensing office, and you will be assigned a counselor who will be your guide throughout the whole process. A license to operate your preschool will not be issued until you and your counselor have worked together to ensure all licensing requirements have been met.

Incorporate and name your business. Contact the Florida Department of State, Divisions of Corporations to file for incorporation. Inquire if registration of a fictitious name is required.

Hire and train your preschool staff. Contact the Florida Department of Education to obtain a list of credentials needed for your preschool personnel. The Florida Department of Education provides courses that will need to be completed in order to certify you and your staff. All preschool staff members must take and pass these courses in order to meet the requirements set forth by the Florida Department of Education. Course fees apply.

Open your preschool facility. The licensing counselor will work closely with you to insure all paperwork is completed and approved, and all credentials have been verified before the grand opening of your preschool.

What We Bring to The Table:


Turnkey Centers

We assist in finding the location, or work with your counsel to negotiate the lease, build and equip the center, and hand you the keys.


Comprehensive Training

Ongoing classes, regional coaches, and unlimited access to experts.


Operational Support

Everything from licensing through ongoing operations, including compliance, training, marketing, enrollment, and financial management.


Proven Curriculum & Tools

We will suggest curriculum, enrichment programs, systems, and technology in our classrooms.



We make it easy to run your business and for parents to enhance their children’s education through our suggested software, apps, technology in the classrooms or office and more…

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